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Rotating pizza ovens

Rotating pizza ovens made in Italy are considered to be of high quality and are highly regarded in the pizza industry. Italy has a long-standing tradition and expertise in pizza making, and the Italian manufacturer Marana Forni has been producing pizza ovens for many decades and are known in over 90 countries.

Marana Forni Italian rotary pizza ovens are made by skilled craftsmen who know the process of pizza baking inside out. The rotary pizza ovens are available with classic wood firing or as gas ovens or for those who want to use both possibilities also as combination ovens.

The Rotoforno Su&Giù is an innovative oven that takes the concept of the Rotoforno Classico to new heights. With its three cooking levels and top rise implementation, this oven brings forth fuel-saving capabilities, precise cooking even at lower temperatures, and rapid heat distribution across the cooktop. This rotating pizza oven optimizes heat distribution and utilization, ensuring that every unit of fuel is maximized. As a result, operators can significantly reduce energy consumption and enjoy considerable cost savings without compromising on cooking performance.

Since 2012 there are solar panels on the roof of the main warehouse

With the Rotoforno Genius pizza oven, achieving perfect baking in one go has never been easier.

The intuitive console is both practical and user-friendly, allowing pizza makers to effortlessly navigate through settings and make adjustments. What’s more, the console can be replaced in seconds, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and minimal downtime.

In the presence of the Rotoforno Genius oven, pizza makers can simply focus on the art of pizza making. As the pizzas pass by, they can seamlessly bake one after another, creating a continuous, linear cycle of work that maximizes efficiency and productivity.

The baking quality of the Rotoforno oven is unmatched. The rotation mechanism ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout the cooking chamber, guaranteeing consistent and even cooking results every time.

To further enhance baking quality, all Rotoforno models are equipped with systems that maintain a consistently hot cooking surface. This means that you can rely on the oven to provide the ideal temperature for optimal baking results, without any fluctuations that could compromise the quality of your creations.

Experience the difference in baking quality with the rotating pizza ovens, where evenness and precision come together to deliver exceptional culinary delights.

Why choose Marana Forni rotating pizza ovens

rotating pizza ovens

Marana Forni rotary pizza ovens are available in different fuel options. The choice is wood, gas and combination ovens. No matter which of these options you choose as a restaurant or pizzeria, the positive features are the same.

Marana Forni's revolutionary Sù&Giù® system introduces a remarkable innovation in the culinary world. With their patented technology, the height of the cooking surface can be adjusted manually, offering unparalleled control and flexibility to pizzaiolos. This ingenious feature allows them to select the perfect cooking spot for their pizza, resulting in exceptional taste and texture.

The Turbo® system's ability to maintain a consistently hot cooking surface opens up a world of possibilities for cooks. They can use it to sear meat to perfection, caramelize vegetables beautifully and bake pizzas with an irresistibly crisp crust. The additional heat source under the cooktop enhances the cooking experience, allowing chefs to show off their culinary skills and provide guests with unforgettable taste experiences.

The MRN Complete Gas System from Marana Forni offers a remarkable solution for baking with gas burners. This intelligent system takes baking precision to the next level by communicating seamlessly with the oven console and providing consistent temperature control over five flame levels.

One of the outstanding features of the MRN Complete Gas System is its ability to maintain the desired temperature while providing an authentic baking experience. The system intelligently lowers the flame without ever extinguishing it, ensuring that the pizza is always prepared with a burning flame.

The micro-perforated baking surface developed by Marana Forni presents significant advantages in the art of pizza-making. This innovative feature offers numerous benefits that contribute to an exceptional baking experience and outstanding pizza results.

One key advantage of the micro-perforated baking surface is its ability to facilitate the release of flour and moisture from the pizza dough. The small perforations in the surface allow excess flour and moisture to escape during the baking process. This helps prevent the dough from becoming soggy or sticky, resulting in a crispier crust and better overall texture.

Additionally, the micro-perforations enable the baking surface to absorb heat faster. By allowing heat to penetrate the dough more efficiently, the surface promotes rapid and even cooking. This feature is especially advantageous when baking pizzas, as it ensures that the dough is cooked thoroughly while maintaining the desired crispness and tenderness.

Marana takes pride in using high-quality materials and employing traditional techniques to create rotating pizza ovens that meet the demands of professional pizzaiolos. The high-density furnace refractory stone that is used for the rotating pizza ovens are renowned for its superior characteristics. Unlike traditional refractories, which typically have densities in the range of 1,800 to 2,400 kg/m3, this material boasts an impressive density of 3,200 kg/m3. This higher density translates into remarkable mechanical strength and wear resistance that surpasses that of common refractories, even exceeding the properties of porphyry by threefold.

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The oven that revolutionized the world of pizza


This is one mighty oven
If you come across this oven in a pizzeria it means that whoever is making the pizzas is a proper pizza chef.
Michele Scopelliti
Excellent, practical and most of all a massive help
I also use it to bake bread! Whoever is critical before trying it is an idiot: try it and then we’ll speak. I can assure you because I too was sceptical. I can recommend it from first-hand experience.
Massimo Di Pasquale
I recommend it
In my business, I’ve tried the oven for Naples-style pizzas with the new gas burner and I have to say it’s excellent. I’ve also tried the wood-fired oven, and with the same results. Recommended by the FUSCO TWINS.
Danilo Fusco
Competent and friendly staff
From the pizzeria “Benvenuti al Sud” in Mortara, a heartfelt thanks to Beppe and Nino, who installed our oven on Tuesday. A magnificent oven in every way. Marana: a name with guarantees.
Irene Curini

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