Marana Forni



In the late 1980s Ferdinando Marana dreamed of a wood-fired or gas pizza oven that rotated pizzas on its own with a cook plate that’s always hot. The goal was to cut wait times and take pizzas out of the oven always cooked to perfection, from the beginning of the shift to the end.


After a few years of in-depth study, in 1992 Marana Forni was born and with it, the first patent in the world for a rotary pizzeria oven: the Rotoforno SU&GIU was created.

The inoculation of technology into such a conventional product like the wood-fired oven initially only won over the more forward-thinking pizza-makers, but in just a few years the word spread and the revolution took hold until it became an institution, today found in over 85 countries worldwide. The pizzas popping out of Marana ovens every day number in the hundreds of thousands.

Today the company fuels continuous development in the world of wood-fired, gas, pellet, and combination pizza ovens, with new patents and concepts that time and again are ahead of market demands.