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Gas powered pizza ovens

Marana's gas powered pizza oven, featuring the MRN Complete Gas System, offers a sophisticated solution for precise temperature control and optimal baking conditions. This intelligent system communicates with the oven console, ensuring consistent performance and a high-quality cooking experience.

The MRN Complete Gas System is designed to automatically maintain the desired temperature at five flame levels. This level of control allows pizzaiolos to fine-tune the heat intensity according to their specific requirements. Whether it's a Neapolitan-style pizza that requires a lower flame or a crispy thin-crust pizza that benefits from a higher flame, the MRN Complete Gas System offers versatility and precision.

One notable aspect of this intelligent system is that it never extinguishes the flame. Instead, it intelligently lowers the flame while ensuring it remains burning at all times. This feature guarantees that the pizza is always prepared with a burning flame, contributing to the characteristic flavors and textures associated with wood-fired ovens.

Since 2012 there are solar panels on the roof of the main warehouse

The flame produced by the MRN Complete Gas System closely resembles the long and bright flame typically seen in wood-fired stoves. This aesthetic quality adds to the overall ambiance of the cooking process, providing an authentic experience for both the pizzaiolo and customers.

By combining the knowledge and expertise of Neapolitan pizza makers with Marana Forni’s craftsmanship, the gas powered pizza oven Napulé offers an unrivaled tool for achieving Neapolitan pizza perfection. The inclusion of Vesuvius lava rock in its construction further enhances its authenticity, paying homage to the rich culinary heritage of Naples.

Whether in a traditional pizzeria or a contemporary restaurant, this commercial gas oven guarantees exceptional results in baking Neapolitan pizzas. It exemplifies the commitment of Marana Forni and Neapolitan pizza makers to preserving and celebrating the artistry of this beloved culinary tradition.

Marana Forni recognizes the diverse needs of customers, pizzerias, and restaurants, and therefore offers the gas pizza ovens in various sizes. The range of options allows businesses to select the ideal oven that suits their specific requirements and space availability.

For gas rotating ovens, Marana Forni offers hob diameters of 85 cm, 95 cm, 110 cm, 130 cm, and 150 cm. These varying sizes provide flexibility in terms of pizza production capacity and kitchen layout. Whether you’re operating a small pizzeria or a high-volume restaurant, there is a gas rotating oven size that can accommodate your needs. Additionally, Marana Forni offers static gas ovens with a hob diameter of 120 cm.

Why choose Marana Forni gas pizza ovens


In situations where there is a shortage of staff in a restaurant, the gas powered rotary pizza oven Genius from Marana proves to be an optimal choice. This advanced commercial gas oven offers a high level of automation, allowing pizzas to be baked completely autonomously.

The Genius oven takes into account and correlates four essential variables that a skilled baker would typically manage: oven temperature, flame quantity, cooking surface temperature, and baking time. By precisely controlling and adjusting these variables, the Genius oven ensures consistent and perfect results.

Marana commercial gas ovens with the patented Sù&Giù® system provide a versatile cooking experience with customizable cooking heights, rapid heat recovery, and optimized fuel efficiency. These exclusive features showcase Marana's commitment to innovation and their dedication to meeting the needs of pizzerias by delivering exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness.

Inside the gas-powered pizza oven there is a micro-perforated baking surface, designed with precision to improve the pizza baking process. It has micro-perforations that offer several advantages for a perfect pizza.

Firstly, the micro cavities in the cooking surface elevate the pizza slightly, allowing for better airflow and moisture release. This prevents the pizza from becoming overly moist or soggy during baking, resulting in a crispier crust and a more balanced texture.

Furthermore, the micro-perforated surface helps to prevent the pizza from sticking to the cooking surface. The slight elevation and the presence of the micro cavities create a barrier between the pizza and the surface, reducing the risk of sticking or burning.

Marana Forni offers the possibility to convert a gas pizza oven into a wood pizza oven or from one model to another. This capability underlines the brand’s commitment to offering durable and versatile equipment. This feature gives pizzerias and restaurants the freedom to adapt their ovens over time to ensure their cooking equipment remains relevant and aligned with their evolving needs.

The designs of gas fired pizza ovens are numerous. Take Gea by Marana Forni, for example, which combines a modern design with a touch of nostalgia reminiscent of ovens in old foundries from the early 20th century. Weighing about 2500 kg, Gea is a massive unit that attracts attention.

Gea offers flexible installation options, as it can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a freestanding arm. This versatility allows companies to optimize their kitchen layout and customize Gea to their specific space requirements.

The oven features a generously sized 150 cm long cooktop, which provides enough space to bake multiple pizzas at the same time. This large capacity allows businesses to operate efficiently during periods of high demand and serve a larger number of customers. Whether it’s a busy pizzeria or a busy event, Gea provides the capacity needed for smooth pizza production.

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The oven that revolutionized the world of pizza


This is one mighty oven
If you come across this oven in a pizzeria it means that whoever is making the pizzas is a proper pizza chef.
Michele Scopelliti
Excellent, practical and most of all a massive help
I also use it to bake bread! Whoever is critical before trying it is an idiot: try it and then we’ll speak. I can assure you because I too was sceptical. I can recommend it from first-hand experience.
Massimo Di Pasquale
I recommend it
In my business, I’ve tried the oven for Naples-style pizzas with the new gas burner and I have to say it’s excellent. I’ve also tried the wood-fired oven, and with the same results. Recommended by the FUSCO TWINS.
Danilo Fusco
Competent and friendly staff
From the pizzeria “Benvenuti al Sud” in Mortara, a heartfelt thanks to Beppe and Nino, who installed our oven on Tuesday. A magnificent oven in every way. Marana: a name with guarantees.
Irene Curini

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