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Commercial combi ovens for restaurants

A combination pizza oven from Marana Forni, which can be heated with both wood and gas, is ideal for giving pizza makers the option of two different baking methods. The versatility of a wood/gas combination is a not inconsiderable convenience and is perfect for pizzerias and restaurants that offer other dishes on their menu besides pizza, be it bread, meat, fish, pasta, desserts such as cakes or whatever.  

Pizza from a wood-fired oven is without a doubt the most authentic way for Italians to get a crispy pizza with a wood-fired flavor. However, this wood-fired tradition requires some skill to use, but it produces excellent results.  

The gas oven is faster and more practical to use than the wood-fired oven and can reach equally high temperatures. However, it lacks a little of the charm of the wood fire, although the flame of a Marana Forni gas pizza oven is very similar to the flame of the fire. Moreover, the latter has the advantage of being much easier to clean, as there are no combustion residues and the oven only needs to be cleaned of the light dirt of the pizza residues. So why not combine these two ways of baking pizzas and create a combination pizza oven that can use one energy source as well as the other!  

Since 2012 there are solar panels on the roof of the main warehouse

With a combination wood and gas pizza oven, it is always possible to switch easily from gas to wood or vice versa, making it an extremely efficient oven to use. 

Combination ovens for restaurants from Marana Forni are considered the ultimate in pizza baking and are known in more than 85 countries worldwide.  

In both the wood-fired and gas ovens, the combustion area is separate from the cooking area, creating more space for pizzas and other food and keeping the internal surface clean at all times. 

Why choose Marana Forni combi ovens for your restaurant

Commercial combi ovens for restaurants

Restaurants appreciate the exceptional baking stone in a Marana Forni pizza oven, which can always maintain the perfect temperature with both wood and gas. This is possible thanks to Marana Forni's patented Turbo® system, which heats the pizza oven from below. If you heat it with wood, the embers fall under the cooking surface where they can collect and serve as an additional source of heat. With the gas-powered system, on the other hand, a burner with high heating power and low consumption ensures that the baking stone always stays hot.  

The refractory material that equips the Marana combi ovens for restaurants is interesting. The material has three advantages over others: It guarantees both high heat storage and transfer, and heat recovery. The high density of 3,200kg/m3 compared to the approx. 1,800-2,200kg/m3 of other common refractory materials is three times higher than that of porphyry. 

The rotating or static baking stone is available smooth or micro-perforated. The advantage of a micro-perforated baking stone is that this Marana cook top both stores heat and also releases it again more quickly. The pizza turns out perfectly, stays juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside! 

Of great interest to restaurants is the patented Su&Giu® system of Marana Fornis pizza ovens, which is available in the rotating ovens. Rotating means that the baking stone inside the oven rotates so that the pizzas always get the right temperature when baking without having to constantly guard or move them. This oven works like a self-contained baker, which signals when the baking process is finished, and the pizza maker can insert or remove the pizzas that have just been topped. Using an Evolution console, the baker can adjust the oven so that the cooking surface rises to the dome where the temperature is highest, thus saving wood/gas. This reduces the stress on the pizza chef and also saves the restaurant additional energy costs. 

The Napulé fixed pizza oven, on the other hand, is the result of an intense collaboration between Marana Forni and Neapolitan pizza makers, combining the experience of Neapolitans and artisan technology to create a unique appliance. Lava rock from Mount Vesuvius is part of the exclusive mix of materials used to build the oven. Restaurants can get it as a combination wood/gas pizza oven and, if they wish, they can purchase, for example, the Napoli Colors Domes design for their location. It comes in seven different colors that shine in iridescent reflections depending on the light conditions. You can find them at many pizza championships because Marana Forni is the official technical supplier of these events. All pizza ovens made by Marana fit through any entrance that is only 70 cm wide and are then installed on site. 

To satisfy all the requirements of restaurants and pizzerias, Marana Forni designs combi ovens with different external dimensions. The diameter of the cooking surface can be 85, 95, 110, 130 or 150 cm for rotary ovens, while it is 120 cm for static ovens. 

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The oven that revolutionized the world of pizza


This is one mighty oven
If you come across this oven in a pizzeria it means that whoever is making the pizzas is a proper pizza chef.
Michele Scopelliti
Excellent, practical and most of all a massive help
I also use it to bake bread! Whoever is critical before trying it is an idiot: try it and then we’ll speak. I can assure you because I too was sceptical. I can recommend it from first-hand experience.
Massimo Di Pasquale
I recommend it
In my business, I’ve tried the oven for Naples-style pizzas with the new gas burner and I have to say it’s excellent. I’ve also tried the wood-fired oven, and with the same results. Recommended by the FUSCO TWINS.
Danilo Fusco
Competent and friendly staff
From the pizzeria “Benvenuti al Sud” in Mortara, a heartfelt thanks to Beppe and Nino, who installed our oven on Tuesday. A magnificent oven in every way. Marana: a name with guarantees.
Irene Curini


Are Marana’s commercial combi ovens for restaurants stationary or rotating?

Marana presents a range of commercial combi ovens tailored for restaurant settings, available in both fixed and rotating designs to suit diverse culinary requirements. Our rotating ovens streamline pizza cooking, ensuring consistent results without constant oversight. Meanwhile, our fixed ovens honor traditional pizza-making methods while delivering optimal heat distribution, transfer, and recovery for superior performance.

Are Marana’s commercial combi ovens for restaurants customizable?

Marana’s lineup of commercial combi ovens for restaurants offers a variety of models and sizes, providing flexibility to accommodate different kitchen setups. Additionally, customization options are plentiful, ranging from selecting predefined Gea or Tanganelli models to choosing the Napoli Colors Ral or Trofeo models. These options can be finished in any of the 2000 RAL scale colors or left untouched, allowing for personalized touches such as mosaic mounting or airbrushing.

Can a Marana commercial combi oven for restaurants be disassembled and relocated after installation?

Absolutely. Marana Forni ensures a hassle-free installation process that facilitates easy transportation. Each component is designed to fit through narrow doorways or openings as narrow as 70 cm in width. Consequently, Marana’s commercial combi ovens for restaurants can be disassembled and reassembled at a different location as needed.

How can I obtain further information?

For additional details regarding Marana’s commercial combi ovens for restaurants, please fill out the provided contact form. We are committed to providing prompt and comprehensive responses to address all your inquiries.

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