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Best rotating wood pizza ovens

Traditionally, pizza ovens are fired with wood. The clocks in Italy tick differently when it comes to preparing and cooking food, because Italians take things more slowly. Food, its preparation, and conviviality enjoy a high priority. In a wood-fired pizza oven, the fire is first lit, then stoked, after which the crackling and the smell spreads through the room. Half an hour later the oven is then at temperature and baking can begin. The commercial pizza ovens reach temperatures around 400 degrees, so that many pizzas can be baked during working hours, even if the embers are already cleared, bread can still be baked in the pizza oven.

Wood firing is therefore the most original way of operating a pizza oven. It requires a bit of intuition to find the right amount of wood for the desired temperature or the right time to add individual logs. But with a little experience, it's easy.

Since 2012 there are solar panels on the roof of the main warehouse

To further optimize baking in a commercial pizza oven, there are commercial rotating ovens to ensure even distribution of heat over the entire baking surface. For the pizza maker, a rotating baking plate means a considerable reduction in workload. These ovens represent the absolute top class and are the first choice of the best restaurants.

The best rotating pizza ovens from Marana always bake at the ideal temperature. In addition to the rotation of the brick, the Rotoforno SU&GIU can move the brick up and down. This patented system can reach the desired temperature in seconds, because the temperature at the dome is much higher than at the bottom, saving a lot of wood. If you need a lower temperature, you simply hold the baking plate at the lowest point.

Marana’s commercial rotating ovens separate the heating and baking areas so that the baking area is always clean, and the heating area is easy to clean. The wood grate is made of fireproof, high temperature resistant steel AISI 321.

In addition, a special closure of the firing opening ensures optimal draft and combustion, so that the temperature in the commercial rotating oven is reached more quickly and the consumption of wood remains reduced. This saves costs and time.

Rotating wood-fired pizza ovens: why to choose them

The advantages of the best rotating pizza oven as in the Rotoforno Classico are numerous. The micro-perforated baking surface is one of them. Thanks to it, pizzas are ready faster and keep their juiciness inside and crispiness outside. This is because the micro-perforation allows the stone to absorb both the flour and the moisture from the pizza more quickly. The base is made of several segments rather than a single block, which guarantees Marana Forni a longer life.

The best rotating pizza oven has a safety clutch, which then comes into effect if an element such as a log should get caught. The rotating baking surface can then simply be blocked by the anti-stress system. After the problem is fixed, the Rotoforno can continue to work without the pizza maker having to turn and rotate the pizzas. This saves the baker a lot of work.

Another decisive advantage of the commercial rotatingoven is Marana Forni's patented Turbo® system. It heats the cooking area thanks to a heat source from the bottom of the cooking plate. In fact, the embers in a device under the baking stone are used as an additional heat source, which in short saves costs and guarantees an oven that is always hot and ready to use.

If you don’t want to keep customers waiting any longer, choose the Rotoforno Genius. This ingenious rotating pizza oven not only facilitates the work of pizza makers and streamlines their work, but also bakes the pizza in just a single rotation of the baking stone. During peak hours in the restaurant or pizzeria, there are no more long waits for hungry guests.

The refractory stone mixture of the best rotary oven pizza guarantees maximum efficiency with high heat storage, heat transfer, and heat recovery performance, which are ideal characteristics for cooking or heating other foods besides pizzas such as meat, fish, or pasta dishes.

Since the requirements of restaurants and pizzerias are different, the commercial rotating oven comes in different outer dimensions and designs. The diameter of the baking surface of the rotary baking ovens can be 85, 95, 110, 130 or 150 cm.

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This is one mighty oven
If you come across this oven in a pizzeria it means that whoever is making the pizzas is a proper pizza chef.
Michele Scopelliti
Excellent, practical and most of all a massive help
I also use it to bake bread! Whoever is critical before trying it is an idiot: try it and then we’ll speak. I can assure you because I too was sceptical. I can recommend it from first-hand experience.
Massimo Di Pasquale
I recommend it
In my business, I’ve tried the oven for Naples-style pizzas with the new gas burner and I have to say it’s excellent. I’ve also tried the wood-fired oven, and with the same results. Recommended by the FUSCO TWINS.
Danilo Fusco
Competent and friendly staff
From the pizzeria “Benvenuti al Sud” in Mortara, a heartfelt thanks to Beppe and Nino, who installed our oven on Tuesday. A magnificent oven in every way. Marana: a name with guarantees.
Irene Curini

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