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Best rotating gas pizza ovens

To get a very good pizza, you need to have an excellent professional pizza oven that adapts to different needs. When you decide to invest in a commercial pizza oven, you should know that for optimal baking a pizza should not stay in the oven for a long time, otherwise it will become too dry and it will lose its flavor and aromas.

Among the latest technological novelties are the rotating ovens for pizzerias, which are very powerful commercial rotating ovens. The result is a uniformly baked pizza, beautifully crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

A critical point of the pizza maker's job is to move and turn the pizzas in the oven, making sure they don't burn or cook unevenly. In addition, he must make the ordered pizzas, top them, and do many other things simultaneously. Therefore, the ideal solution is a rotating gas pizza oven from Marana Forni. The rotating ovens are equipped with a computer that allows the pizza maker to work easily and intuitively. It can significantly improve the workflow, especially when there are many guests in the pizzeria. Marana rotating gas pizza ovens are equipped with primary and secondary air control, which are very similar to the flame of a wood fire, radiating warmth and coziness, almost like a real wood fire.

Since 2012 there are solar panels on the roof of the main warehouse

Marana Forni’s commercial rotating ovens have an innovative cooking system called MRN Complete Gas System, which communicates with the oven console. It can automatically maintain the desired temperature at five flame levels.

When the oven is burning well and the desired temperature is reached, the pizza maker does not waste time. To avoid long waiting times for the guests, he can fully concentrate on preparing and topping the pizzas, because the rotating gas pizza oven takes care of the rest by itself. The self-turning speeds up the process of each baking and the guests can enjoy being served quickly.

Rotating gas pizza ovens: why to choose them

Best rotating gas pizza ovens

The advantages of a commercial rotating oven are many. One of them is the texture of the rotating brick. This can be either smooth or micro-perforated. The advantage of a micro-perforated stone is that, on the one hand, the pizzas quickly release flour and moisture to the stone and, at the same time, can absorb heat more efficiently. The brick consists of several segments and not of a single block, which guarantees a longer life. The rotation of the brick can also be easily stopped if necessary. A safety clutch allows the blocking of the brick by means of an anti-friction system, in case an element is jammed.

Thanks to its versatility, the best rotating pizza oven can even to be used to heat or cook other dishes such as pasta dishes, fish, or meat, using it as a real gas oven for restaurants. They are available in different external dimensions and designs starting from 85 cm to 150 cm.

The rotating pizza oven Rotoforno Classico is made of bricks with very high heat storage, heat transfer, and heat recovery performance, which are crucial for increased production. The pizza maker concentrates on the quality of his work, while the rotating gas oven takes care of the baking of the pizzas. The Rotoforno Classico works like a self-sufficient baker, giving an acoustic signal when the baking process is finished, so that the pizza maker can serve the perfectly baked pizzas. It is a continuous, linear work cycle.

Furthermore, the quality of the pizzas improves during baking. The heat is evenly distributed in the baking chamber. Thanks to the rotation, baking is always even and there are no raw or burnt edges. All Rotoforno models are equipped with a patented Turbo- Gas® burner under the baking stone, which keeps the surface hot at all times. It optimizes heating and maximizes gas efficiency, reducing costs and keeping the baking stone warm.

There are commercial rotating ovens with an added bonus, namely the patented Su&Giu® system. Via an evolution console the height of the baking stone can adjust to the dome, where the temperature is the highest and in a few seconds the baking stone becomes so hot that it can quickly bake new pizzas. In addition, the riser allows you to find the most suitable cooking temperature, saving quite a bit of gas. If exactly the opposite happens, namely there is little activity in the restaurant, there is no need to use a lot of gas and there is no need to risk overheating the baking stone. In these circumstances, the SU&GIU® system can keep the brick at the lowest point where the temperature is the lowest.

Many possible designs and different sizes make the best rotating pizza oven shine in your restaurant or pizzeria.

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The oven that revolutionized the world of pizza


This is one mighty oven
If you come across this oven in a pizzeria it means that whoever is making the pizzas is a proper pizza chef.
Michele Scopelliti
Excellent, practical and most of all a massive help
I also use it to bake bread! Whoever is critical before trying it is an idiot: try it and then we’ll speak. I can assure you because I too was sceptical. I can recommend it from first-hand experience.
Massimo Di Pasquale
I recommend it
In my business, I’ve tried the oven for Naples-style pizzas with the new gas burner and I have to say it’s excellent. I’ve also tried the wood-fired oven, and with the same results. Recommended by the FUSCO TWINS.
Danilo Fusco
Competent and friendly staff
From the pizzeria “Benvenuti al Sud” in Mortara, a heartfelt thanks to Beppe and Nino, who installed our oven on Tuesday. A magnificent oven in every way. Marana: a name with guarantees.
Irene Curini

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    Why choose a Marana best rotating gas pizza ovens?

    Choosing Marana Best rotating gas pizza ovens means opting for a premium oven for your restaurant. Marana is dedicated to innovating with high-quality materials, superior performance, and longevity, including refractory stones that are six times more resistant to abrasion than porphyry.

    Marana holds significant certifications at both European and international levels and is a proud official supplier of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, which champions the authenticity of DOC Neapolitan pizza.

    Are Marana Best rotating gas pizza ovens customizable?

    Marana Best rotating gas pizza ovens come in various models and sizes to accommodate any requirement. You can select from different design options, including the standard models Gea or Tanganelli, or the more customizable Napoli Colors Ral or Trofeo models, which can be painted in any of the 2000 colors of the RAL scale or left unpainted and unground, allowing for personalizations like mosaics or airbrushing.

    Can a Marana Best rotating gas pizza oven be disassembled and transported elsewhere after installation?

    Absolutely yes. Marana Best rotating gas pizza ovens offer a practical and quick installation solution, with each component able to pass through a doorway or opening only 70 cm wide. This design allows the ovens to be easily disassembled and relocated as needed.

    How can I contact you for more information?

    To learn more about Marana Best rotating gas pizza ovens, please fill out the provided contact form, and we will get back to you promptly with all the necessary details.